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12 unique ways on how to increase tweeter followers and retweets.

Have you ever clicked the ‘Tweet’ button and refreshed the page several times, just to see a handful of likes and retweets to your post?Here are a few examples of my tweets with high engagement.

1. Write content people will love

Obviously, the better the content, the more people will love to share it. What I often see is that content marketers and bloggers write about what they THINK other people will like. If you like to gamble, go ahead. If you like to increase your chances that people will love your content, I suggest taking a few minutes and doing research

The easiest way to finding out what people in your niche like to read is to head over to Buzzsumo and type in any keyword. Buzzsumo will then show you which articles received the highest amount of shares.

Second, go to Google and type in the same keywords. See what kind of content pops up and analyze it.

I hope you’ll have a good picture of what your audience loves to read at this point and you can start writing that epic content. If you need more info about writing great content. Check out the resources I provided earlier or ask me a question in the comment section

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